What is the difference between Oracle Analytics Server and Oracle OBIEE?



I'm looking at Oracle Analytics Server and Oracle OBIEE and am trying to understand the difference between the two of them.

I've heard that Oracle Analytics Server and Oracle Analytics Cloud have almost the same features. The difference is that Oracle Analytics Server is on-premise and Oracle Analytics Cloud is a cloud version. But, I also know that Oracle OBIEE is on-premise too.

Peers, can you please assist and clarify it for me?

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Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) is the latest Oracle release to supersede Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). Current OBIEE customers can upgrade to OAS at no additional licensing cost. Whether you are on OBIEE 11g or 12c, upgrading to OAS has the following main advantages:

  • Business users benefit from enhanced Data Visualization and Data Preparation features.

  • Augmented analytics with machine learning capabilities become available to end-users.

  • Analytics platform remains Oracle supported so you get the latest features and remain certified against updates to related Oracle and 3rd Party software.

  • With OAS, it becomes more viable to deploy both OAS and OAC in a hybrid manner.

The majority of OBIEE features, besides a few specific capabilities, continue to be available after the upgrade to OAS. Whether its data visualization projects, classic BI dashboards, or BI Publisher pixel-perfect report bursting, all these capabilities may be upgraded to OAS.

The OAS topology is similar to that of OBIEE: OAS components are hosted on a WebLogic domain. This includes an Admin server and a managed server. Also, the system schemas (RCU) are deployed in a database.

OAS basically covers all the features that already existed in OBIEE, except for the following, which are deprecated with OAS. These same features are also deprecated from Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC):

  • Mobile App Designer

  • Scorecards

  • Marketing Segmentation

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Hey Husein,

Oracle Analytics Server or OAS is an advanced enterprise analytics platform with self-service features and machine learning capabilities. Everything is used almost in with drag-and-drop actions.

On the other hand, Oracle OBIEE is a traditional BI tool. In terms of features, it lacks a lot behind OAS. Further, it is not self-service friendly. Many companies using OBIEE are connecting Tableau or Power BI to OBIEE via BI Connector (which connects to OAC and OAS as well).

Though OAS is far advanced than OBIEE, some features like flash templates, scorecard management etc, that are available in OBIEE are deprecated in OAS.

Companies using OBIEE have the option to migrate to OAS at no additional cost, and experience its advanced features.

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