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What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Check Point Endpoint Security?



We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information.

Please share what you can so you can help your peers.

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The licensing cost for Check Point is $3 USD or $4 USD per end-user.

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I bought them for 12 months and I genuinely cannot remember what I paid for them. I think it's about 100 pounds per user per year, so about 10 pounds a month per person.

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We pay roughly 80,000 Swedish krona per year. When it comes to the firewall, it's roughly 150,000 Swedish krona yearly. There's also maintenance, of course, which is roughly 10,000 krona per month.

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Our license is on a yearly basis. It just includes the licensing fee.

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We pay on an annual basis. There are no additional fees, they mostly tell us what we have to pay. We have budgeted for it.

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Check Point offered very good pricing through negotiation. The licensing is done yearly. We have a three-year subscription, including premium, direct support; the Next Generation and SandBlast are for two years. Our cost, including everything, is 18 lakh rupees.

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In addition to the standard licensing fees, there is a cost for support.

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With Check Point Endpoint Security, you can go with the Suite license or you can go with the individual Blade license. I recommend the Full Suite license. Check Point Endpoint Security is not 100% compatible with Kaspersky and Symantec products. You can go only with Endpoint, i.e. you cannot mix with a competitor's solution. It could be a good solution because they have multiple ways to handle the licensing model. If someone requires an encryption license, it is extra and not included in the base license. If you have any intellectual property, then the financial investment will be worth it. If you compare Check Point Endpoint Security to Kaspersky, Kaspersky has two types of suites. One is the Select plan and one is the Advanced plan. If you go with their Advanced plan, then that will collect all of the web confidence reports, many of which vary. Check Point Endpoint Security is easier for the administrator compared to Kaspersky, in terms of alerts and reporting. The admin receives regular reports and each report says how many total Windows versions are there, how many Office instances there are, etc. Each product will have a unique set of advantages and different backgrounds, but when it comes to security, we are happy to go with Check Point Endpoint Security.

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