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What needs improvement with AWS Cost Management?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with AWS Cost Management.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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44 Answers

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This solution needs to be easier for non-technical people to understand their budget. Some people from Business or from Finance do not find the tool easy enough to use. By comparison, there are other tools that make it easier to involve the entire team because they are dedicated solely to the financial aspect. Essentially, I want a platform that is easily accessible by everybody in the company and that is not the case with the tools from AWS. I would like to have a better and easier accessibility using SSO. We need finer-grained control over the roles and policies for users, specifying their permissions as to what they can look at.

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The cost management portion of the solution should be improved. I'm not able to get the savings online and have already budgeted my current account. I need to see every single cost in a dynamic way. The main problem with the CUR is it's not able to provide me that many detailed tasks that I can provide it to my management when I am expanding the amount. That is my major problem. The solution needs to have its own dashboard for seeing details on it. It should be customizable as well so I have the ability to pull up the information I need to see and have it in one place for my reference. I should just be able to click and see everything I need in one step. It would be helpful if they categorized the data. The amount of data isn't small, so it would help if I could organize it to help me find the information I need. With parenting accounts, the solution should offer the capability to enter RI.

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The cost of the solution could be improved. The solution needs to improve the communication mechanism available to the stakeholders. They could expand a little in places that check on the cost explorer. Virtualization and other similar features should be more flexible on the dashboard. The dashboard could use improvement. It would be better if there was color coding that you can adjust, for example.

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What Amazon is trying to do, is to put everything into their cloud and show the customer costs. I suppose that's a good sales pitch, but I don't believe that a single cloud provider can do it for every customer. I think that, with Microsoft being so prevalent in the market, they have a space and their cost management model is much more effective. For example, I don't believe Amazon's version of SQL is very efficient. So they can definitely beef up.

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