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What needs improvement with Azure Firewall Manager?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Azure Firewall Manager.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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33 Answers

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There should be a simple one-click deployment for a firewall, rather than a set of setup instructions that include steps such as the DNS configuration, et cetera. It should be a friendly one-click process that is easy for non-technical or business people to do. By bringing in an autonomous or semi-autonomous system, we would not have to supply several different parameters. Alternatively, if it were a query-based configuration then it would still be a benefit on top of what they have now. Microsoft was unable to fully solve the problem with email phishing and spamming. Irrespective of whatever endpoint security solution you bring in from a third party, it requires constant AI and learning. This is something that is missing, and it is one place where you are forced to use a third party.

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With Azure Firewall, the problem is that the NAT-ing still has to be improved. They need reverse network address translation (NAT) capabilities. We cannot get the same NAT-ing capability as what we had in the on-premise deployment, where we could have multiple sources of IP coming in and could be NAT-ed to a specific IP. Similarly, we couldn't use the reverse NAT-ing of the scenario. We could do only one-way NAT-ing, where the traffic comes from outside to internal, to Azure, which is fine. However, when we actually do NAT-ed traffic to hit the firewall, that way is not working.

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When we initially started using the solution around five years ago there was no wizard for setting things up, although now there is a very nice one. When it comes to configuration, a few steps is all it takes. However, beforehand, there was a need to enter and understand everything that was necessary for configuring the firewall. There is no additional documentation or training required. When we first started using the product there was a need to enter everything on one's own and the initial setup was not easy. Now, after a few clicks, everything is fine.

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