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What needs improvement with HPE ConvergedSystem?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with HPE ConvergedSystem.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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I think the MTG inside HP could be improved. It would simplify quoting for services. When you get a quote from HP now, they tend to quote separately for services and the product. This makes it difficult to try to quote for the client and to integrate the solution. For the future, it would be good to see integration with cloud services. Our customers want to share the solution, currently on-premise, to the cloud, and it's sometimes difficult to implement. It would be great if they could bridge the two.

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In terms of our HPE ConvergedSystem, currently we use Gen8 Blade Systems and HPE c7,000 chassis in our environment. We have a three-part 7400 module in our environment. We also have StoreOnce 6000 models here for backing up our operating systems. Currently, we have problems with the HPE StoreOnce module in regards to the backup operations. This is because sometimes we can lose our backup reports storage from the Veeam side. We checked this issue on the HPE side and it was suggested to us to use the catalyst model instead of a 6-sharing model. They say that this approach can solve our issues easily, but we are still testing to see if this is the case. Full flash systems require high utilization of the application. Due to this, HPE changed their systems into full flash modules. Currently, we use inbuilt modules in our environment. These kinds of modules require fast disks and SSD disks, but SSD disks are generally used for the caching of operations. The majority of our data is located on the fast disk. Due to this, sometimes we experience some ancillary issues. The solution needs to add NFS features.

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The solution needs to be easier to use. The administration's ease of use it poor and it needs a better administrative console. The solution has a complicated front-end. In terms of features, the solution is very complete. It doesn't seem to be missing features that I can see that would need to be added in future releases.

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The interface is not fully integrated with the ESXi, which is something that could be improved.

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I would like to see better manageability and integration with third-party tools. I would like to see persistent memory deployed in this solution, as I have not yet seen it in any converged system.

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We would like the system to be even faster.

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