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What needs improvement with Operations Bridge?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Operations Bridge.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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66 Answers

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When we complete the security requirements, it is hard to manage. If we miss or skip a step, it is very difficult to find.

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The deployment of agents on new CI should be improved. There should be some kind of automation to directly deploy them from the console. It can maybe have some more AI functions because most of the other tools are going in that direction.

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Better distributed monitoring - "proxy" monitoring whereby a small device can gather metrics and alerts on behalf of the main management server would be useful. At last use, this architecture needed an additional full-function server at extra cost. The solution is overall "heavy", requiring multiple servers, even without HA. For instance, a full OpsBridge deployment of all the products in the suite can demand upwards of six servers or large VMs (8+ CPUs, 32+GB RAM).

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I can't think of any features the solution is lacking. Technical support is very poor. They should work to create a more helpful service when issues appear and clients need to reach out. The price is quite expensive, and because of this, we may try another solution.

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The solution needs to improve its general performance of the interface. Especially when there are lots of events, it takes forever to load, especially the closed events. In a future release, we would like an improved upgrade process. When you upgrade it now, it first uninstalls everything and then reinstalls all the packages, which means any customization that you've done in the directories on the surface disappears.

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It is a very complicated product. It's difficult to manage. Nowadays, products are very easy to manage, deploy, and integrate, but Operations Bridge is very complicated to manage. Maybe it is an improvement point for this product. It's not easy to integrate with Operations Bridge. It should be plug-and-play.

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