2015-10-25 12:49:57 UTC

When evaluating High Availability Clustering, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

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44 Answers

lucky you !!! I can't decide, just I suggest. In my work, the people that decide this things, doesnt know too much about this stuff. a few weeks ago, these people ( who decide ) told me that I have to make a cluster between blade red hat linux and a Solaris Sparc . Not a joke

2016-08-25 13:35:03 UTC25 August 16
Real UserTOP 20

Technical staff and skills required to effectively manage HA infrastructure

2016-08-12 17:30:05 UTC12 August 16

I think the most important thing is to check the compatibility of application to support HA. Obviously cost is again a big factor to evaluate the use of HA in any environment.

2016-05-30 08:24:58 UTC30 May 16

RPO. Can the technology do synchronous replication, or must it work in asynchronous mode? I believe this is the single most important question to ask from a "data protection" standpoint.

2016-03-07 04:38:48 UTC07 March 16
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