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When evaluating Warehouse Management, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

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There are many aspects starting from budget to maintenance. However, big retailers would not think about price usually as warehouse management is crucial operation in their SCM chain. Having said that, below aspects are important while we evaluate any WM system. (May not be in actual order)
- Compatibility of WM solution with existing applications in organization.
- Reporting.
- Complexity of package customization to suit current business process.
- Integration framework (Could say MIF plays its role quite fantastically)
- Complexity of Commissioning or DE-commissioning method of new or existing solution respectively.
- Complexity of Acquisition process with respect to Licensing, hidden costs, service charges etc…
- How easy to maintain the solution with respect to incidents, frequent business process changes, enhancements and usability.
Manhattan Associate Supply chain process platform (SCPP) is one of the great examples of “One framework multiple solutions” which client can leverage their usage on different objects under the umbrella.
Every solution will have its own leverages and limitations. Its individual company who should decide which suits the process better and how much company can rely on a particular solution.

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