Which are the major competitors in the Decision Management space and who would be leading this race?


I had a request to find solutions that play in the Decision Management space, the information available on Gartner and Forrester is a bit sparse. I know that the Experian product PowerCurve is one of the main products being looked at currently as we have a history with them.

Which are the major competitors in this space and who would be leading this race?


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Hi James, interesting report that you published in July. From my perspective I think the convergence of traditional DM and BPM makes for interesting times ahead.

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Thanks, will go check it out.

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I highly recommend James's company -- Decision Management Solutions. He and his team have put together an excellent overview on decision management and operationalizing analytics and it is an excellent place to start and to get some additional perspectives as you do your due diligence.

My experience at looking at DM vendors includes Experian (whom you have already mentioned), FICO, SAS and Informatica. They all offer different elements, strengths and weaknesses, depending on what types of decisions you are trying to "manage" (or what types of analytics you are looking to embed in your operational systems).

Good luck!

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There are a lot of tools and I blog/write about many of them. Check out my blog and company site for even more than are posted here on IT Central.