Which is the better NGFW: Fortinet Fortigate or Cisco Firepower?

I'm researching Firewalls. Which NGFW do you recommend between Fortinet Fortigate and Cisco Firepower NGFW?


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When you compare these
firewalls you can identify them with different features, advantages,
practices and usage at large.

my opinion, Fortinet would be the best option and l use Fortinet too.

To give more perspective, l'd like to present some detailed information.

Fortinet's Fortigate
firewalls offer strong security at a good price point, making them
one of the most popular firewall vendors and a frequent. The Fortinet
firewall is the most practical and easily managed firewall I've ever
seen in my life. People complain that firewall operation is often

FortiGate firewalls are
purpose-built with security processors to enable the industry's best
threat protection and performance for SSL-encrypted traffic. By
providing granular visibility of applications, users, and IOT
devices, these appliances are designed to identify issues quickly and

By the way, Cisco has some
important benefits too:

  • Cisco
    ASA firewalls offer superior protection from threats through CSC,
    IPS and the like.

  • TCO
    is reduced because of better pricing.

  • The
    offered solutions deliver high performance levels, and can be scaled
    to achieve 10+ Gbps.

  • New applications can
    easily be deployed over secured layers.

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