Updated our Phone System

65 people affected
1 people managed
2 month project

Project Description

Updated our Phone System - that's the simple description. And in truth setting up 3CX was very easy. Easy to setup. Easy to configure. The hardest part was getting the employee buy-in and support. That was an uphill battle all the way. But by eliminating traditional analog phone lines and going with SIP, replacing antiquated proprietary phone hardware with modern "universal" VoIP hardware - we have saved literally tons of money. We have more functionality, better service, enhanced features, less maintenance, ZERO hardware and we are saving money to boot. A SIGNIFICANT savings.

Lessons Learned

I would beg/borrow/steal a cheerleader. A project like this needs outside IT help to motivate and drum up support. Now it's a forgone conclusion that this was the PERFECT path but getting beyond - "it doesn't work the way it used to" and the total lack of trust was a steep hill to climb.


under budget
received recognition / award


large no. of people impacted
reluctance to change
reluctance to embrace new tech

Technologies Used

Technical Skills Used

  • virtualization
  • people skills
  • creating training materials
  • networking
  • server
  • Decatur (IL-US)39.8403-88.9548
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