Steering Committee Member

Global Network Consolidation and Tranformation

12000 people affected
25 people managed
24 month project

Project Description

Global network consolidation and tranformation

The objective was to consolidate to a single vendor for all regions and to switch to a managed service for WAN and Security Services.  This included moving from typical local Internet providers, for about 80 offices, to Regional break outs and Security Services.  A second part of this project consisted in also migrating 100 customer connections to the same provider.

Lessons Learned

I worked for the offices with an external Project manager for the daily follow up an d with internal project managers for the customers, next time I will go for an external project managr all the way.


under budget
support from colleagues


steep learning curve
large no. of people impacted
hard to meet schedule

Technologies Used

  • Brussels (BRU-BE)50.85044.34878
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