Food and Meal-prep Ordering App development

Project Description

Food and meal-prep Ordering App development

DishDash is a multinational company specializing in providing comprehensive solutions in the field of FnB. This meal kit subscription brand has the mission of forming fully- prepared nutritious meal options for their clients' employees

We developed a comprehensive system that included mobile apps, super admin web, and progressive merchant web app to satisfy the demands of all users in the process.

- The platform allows clients to order food on their demand, personalize choices for each employee, generate special dietary requirements, and nutrition planning.

- As the platform brings customers diverse meal choices, the operation integrates real-time customer needs and the distribution capabilities of suppliers.

- Reporting panel ensures the monitoring and analysis of wellness insights, actionable needs, and demands of customers.

- The optimized delivery process keeps dishes stay in a hot, delicious, and fresh state. The technology makes sure the uniform quality for all delivered orders, including the multiple restaurants & cuisines required ones.


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