Real time SMS to customers with Live chat

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10 month project

Project Description

This extension is introduced by Outright Store where it enables you to send Bulk SMS to your customers in just one click. It means that you just have to tap one time and you can send SMS to plenty of customers that are on your contact list. This plugin really frees your time and high efforts. We remember the old time when everyone sent SMS one by one to the entire customer and we all found that method a hectic one. And that stopped our crucial activities because you have to give your efforts only in sending SMS. This extension is much better to share a seamless experience and surely tailor your entire needs

Lessons Learned

Twilio SMS advantages when using for business activity?

Let’s dive into the pool to find out what more special features it will offer. Have a look at the points given below-

  1. You can save the conversation of your customers. Daily, you send thousands of SMS to your customers, so if by chance you want to access one of your customers' conversations then you are free to go there. Thanks to this addon for this magnificent feature!
  2. You are sending bulk SMS to your customers which means the Twilio SMS plugin saves your time. Gone are the days where one by one method is applied everywhere. Thanks to this addon where you can send SMS in just one tap. Interesting!
  3. Strive for the functionality of the SMS template here. Make a template about your product discount or something else that you want to share. Use the feature of SMS templates and send them in bulk to your customers. Another effective way to get engaged with the customers promptly!
  4. One of the outstanding functions is Opt-out. We are offering in this extension where you just have to type and send STOP. You will not receive the conversation from the next time. Use this feature if you want to stop getting the SMS from someone.


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Technical Skills Used

  • Programming languages
  • Common operating systems
  • Software proficiency
  • Technical writing
  • Data analysis
  • Project management

Technical Certifications Used

  • Leadership and Management Certificate
  • Project Management Professional
  • Society of Human Resources Management Certifi
  • CompTIA Core Certifications
  • SugarCRM Certification




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