AppDynamics Pricing


AppDynamics Overview:

AppDynamics offers application performance management at its most precise, allowing development and ops to hone in to the root cause of any bottlenecks in their apps and to fix it immediately. This cutting-edge software has three stages to its functionality – Monitor, Troubleshoot, and Automate.

AppDynamics will alert you of any issues, show you how that issue affects your customer and your business, and allow you to drill down to the application server and the database to view the code execution. Once you’ve pinpointed exactly where and what the root cause is, you can fix it automatically.

AppDynamics functions in real-time, alerting you of any issue or delay as it occurs. This is critical to minimizing any user or business interruption, and ensuring that the performance of your application is optimized.

Major AppDynamics Customers:

AppDynamics customers include FamilySearch, Reserve Bank of New Zealand,, Karavel, Fox News, Garmin, Netflix, T-Systems, OpenTable, BITMARCK, Green Mountain Power, and others.

AppDynamics Pricing & Products:

AppDynamics pricing is built around the model of freeware for limited use and a paid pro version for access to the full features of the software. This table outlines each version, helping you select the best package for your business requirements.

Elements To Consider

AppDynamics Lite

AppDynamics Pro


Free for an unlimited period.

Free trial for 15 days. Request quote for ongoing pro software.

Key Features

Application performance diagnostics and alerting of performance issues on a basic level. Best for speed issues, stalling, and error alerts.

Total APM package including the full monitor, troubleshoot and automate features to solve all performance issues, excluding acts of nature.


The scope of the monitoring covers only one JVM/IIS; limited to 30 transactions and a maximum 2 hour storing of data.

No restrictions.


Development department.

Users across many areas of expertise in your business – developers, architects, support, ops, general business staff.




Want Advice From Your Peers?

IT Central Station has hundreds of users who are currently deploying application performance management software in their businesses. These users are either running AppDynamics or other application performance management products, such as Visual TruView, HP’s Business Process Monitor, Catchpoint or Gomez.

You can read the user reviews of AppDynamics and any of these alternatives at IT Central Station.

You can also send ‘off the record’ messages to users and experts to find out more about AppDynamics, and to ask for assistance and advice on the AppDynamics pricing and product models.

By Ariel Lindenfeld

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Nice article about licensing. I was looking for it for a while now. Could you please also tell me whether licenses are based on number of users or number of servers?

author avatarit_user130206 (Account Manager with 1,001-5,000 employees)

Licenses are based on number of servers -- JVMs, IIS instances, Apache Web Servers, etc.

author avatarit_user4401 (Developer at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees)

What can you tell me about the pricing plan called "Freemium", that AppDynamics has?

ITCS user