Congressional Reseach Service (CRS) Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management System Upgrade

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) within the Library of Congress (LOC) is seeking to upgrade its internal client relationship management system, Mercury, used for the tracking of all custom research and informational requests placed by Members of Congress, congressional Committees, and their staff.

Mercury is built on Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) version 4 with customized integration points to Microsoft SharePoint (SP) version 2007 that provide document storage for requests and for collaborating on research projects. CRS currently operates the entire Mercury infrastructure on a virtualized hardware platform using VMware vSphere 4.5 to satisfy maintenance procedures, high availability and disaster recovery requirements implied by our obligations to support Congress.

CRS requires the existing Mercury system be upgraded to 2013 versions of both CRM and SP. Additionally, the existing CRM 4 implementation contains non-standard customizations that were included to support mandatory business requirements identified in Appendix A, Objective 8. The desired outcome is to eliminate all non-standard customizations while best satisfying the stated business requirements in the upgraded system. CRS wishes to somehow streamline (or simplify the code) for certain functionality.

In order to gauge the level of work of this procurement, and accurately calculate the price, CRS will supply source code and three (3) appendices (D, E, F) for serious vendors provided that they sign and submit a Non-Disclosure Agreement to the Library.

Clarification questions must be submitted by 12:00 PM on April 4, 2014. Vendors are to collect all their questions and send them to Nam Nguyen ( by this deadline. Multiple emails with questions from vendors may be disregarded at the Contracting Officer's discretion.