Dynatrace Announces Unified Performance Testing Offering

Dynatrace announced the availability of the Dynatrace Load solution suite. This new end-to-end application testing and diagnostic solution looks to integrate synthetic traffic with application and transaction analytics and test management to drive mobile and web performance.

Dynatrace’s suite includes BlazeMeter technology, offering three options. Dynatrace Load Insights 360 is a diagnostic-driven load testing analytics for websites and mobile apps incorporating PurePath and PureStack Technology. Dynatrace Load Insights is a service option, featuring visitor behavior modeling capabilities for performance realism. Lastly, Dynatrace Load is a scalable, open source-compatible web load-generation automation designed for developers and test practitioners.

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author avatarRandall Hinds
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Oh yes! I forgot about the java script injection approach. We have tried it a few times with this vendor's APM and another's.... but I have to say it triggerred a couple impacts for us. To be fair, it was poorly planned on our side and impacts were completely preventable. However, we haven't really returned to the option - even as a feed for UEM.
UEM requiring additional license on top of the premium for AppMon is a tough sell for us. We try to make the most of the UEM measurements that were included with our AppMon agent purchases, but they go quickly.

This touches on a pet peeve I have... ForProfit Companies have to make $$, I get that. But if a car maker decided to leave the airconditioner controls in a car that had no A/C, consumers would call foul. If they left the controls in place and charged you when used A/C, consumers would revolt.
I don't want new 'features' added to my tools that I have to pay extra to leverage. Off my soapbox now.. :)

author avatarV.P. - Pre-Production Performance Architect at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

Yes. This was a likely and predictable solution in my opinion. As with SaaS for load testing the frequency and amount of your load testing requires you evaluate the cost versus benefit of a SaaS solution versus "your own". I've always found Dynatrace's model of pricing per measurement AND location to be too pricy. The TIP (testing in Production) also has to be considered as certain companies like financial institutions still frown on this for good reasons. Switching/changing/adding the automated scripts to point to non-Production applications may mean additional costs IF you can't TIP.
Their behavior-driven modeling feature is a nice addition but other vendors are doing the same. The question is which has the easiest/best integration with the respective tools providing that data.

author avatarRandall Hinds
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Hi Naren, Don't get me wrong. I agree - Dynatrace APM is the best of breed from my perspective too. Combining DCRUM, Synthetic and AppMon creates the most granular data set I have been able to work with to date.
UEM functionality being added to the AppMon console which can only function with additional licensed measurements is where I take issue. Frankly, I feel UEM functions should be included with the premium on Agent license.