Dynatrace Upgrades Data Center Monitoring Toolset

Dynatrace, an IT performance tools provider, has released a new version of its data center monitoring toolset, Data Center Real User Monitoring. Version 12.4 is designed to deliver end-user and transaction-centric performance monitoring for dynamic data centers, which Dynatrace said will help provide new visibility into software-defined networks.

DC RUM 12.4 is designed to help introduce visibility into virtual networks, transactional insights into new application environments, and new interfaces to external IT operations analytics and dashboarding solutions.

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User at a tech services company with 10,001+ employeesUser

I need to have an interactive, easy to plugin kind of dashboards.. I feel this is one of the improvement area which some of other competitive tools have better dashboards capabilities.

Also, from my opinion if any tool is called to be a leader in market means, apart from best features, integration of data from/to with other tools is very important. Yes, I do believe BSM has out of the box adapters available, but those might be capturing insufficient data or data may not be presented well in the dashboards screens.

So I would expect some betterment in this area,
1. Enhance Dashboards capabilities
2. Data integration with BSM

Please let me your comments

28 March 16
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