Microsoft Launching New Free Version of Power BI and New "Power BI Pro" Offering

Microsoft is launching a new free version of Power BI, plus a new "Power BI Pro" Offering priced at $10/user/month. The free Power BI version has a data capacity limit of 1 GB/user; Pro will have a 10 GB/user limit. The free Power BI version won't require an Office 365 subscription. 

What do you think of this new offering? Add your comments below and share your thoughts with the community!

Developer with 1,001-5,000 employeesReal User

I've taken a look at Power Map and Power view, which are both very impressive visually, Great for any Power point presentations My only minor gripe was that power Map could not plug directly to my MS analysis services cube.. So found myself using power query to create my own view off the ETL data. Then found an issue due to limitation mentioned above on capacity. If its free though I'm sure ill be happy to spend the time adjusting my data sources to be able to utilise it.

29 January 15
President at a software R&D companyReal User

@Kari - You might want to download Power BI Designer Preview. It points to MS Analysis Services cubes. Also, PowerView does now support cubes as long as you have SQL 2012 SP4 and something else which I've currently forgotten. A little googling will yield the result - :)

29 January 15
Senior Aviation Analyst at United NationsUser

I am a heavy user of Power BI. It give you the freedom to do analytics withouth having to be dependent of IT and you can share them with your clients easily. Excelent dashboards and maps.

29 January 15
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