New Tableau Update to Include "Parallel Queries" and 5 Other New Features

Tableau Software announced that the release of an update to its business intelligence software is coming in a few weeks. Numbered 9.0, there will be 6 main new features implemented.

1. Support for statistical data files

2. Data-preparation features for cleaning data

3. Ability to perform calculations on an ad-hoc basis

4. "Parallel Queries" for faster performance

5. Smart maps with selection controls, geocoding data, and geographic search capabilities

6. Ability for admins to monitor and analyze data

What do you think of this new offering? Share your thoughts with the community below.

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Business Analyst at a marketing services firmReal User

I've attended a couple of sponsored Tableau events about the 9.0 release. The data preparation feature will be very helpful for importing Excel files into Tableau, good time saving feature. All the changes seem focused on speed to analysis which is always nice. I liked the more agile approach to calculated fields. The map enhancements for selection of areas is more relevant to the user. All in all, great release, and looking forward to it.

30 March 15
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