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Dan withrow li?1414336181
Senior Manager of Engineering at a financial services firm
VMware SRM NSX SDDC Consulting Engineer -Trainer at Plan IT Virtual, LLC
Reviewed VMware ThinApp: I found the capture & deploy...
William kosinetz li?1414330138
CIO at a government
Reviewed Microsoft Virtual Server: This business concept will lead...
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Infrastructure Engineer at a tech vendor
7df20e6e 6eaa 41a0 b04a d52a1e0ba53c avatar
Technical Architect offering Consultancy Services and Technical Governance at Various Clients
Chief Executive Officer at a tech services company
Reviewed Microsoft Virtual Server: Net4 reaching beyond
3a165517 3fff 498a 997e 30aaffddad88 avatar
System Administrator at a comms service provider
D4c61db3 ab3a 47b5 b9e8 f40bd204d525 avatar
Assistant Manager - IS Infrastructure at a insurance company
Eaffaf24 b042 415e a9a0 415a7d32d3e2 avatar
Citrix Consultant at a outsourcing company

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