3Com H3C Switches Review

I like IRF, a form of redundancy that allows many switches to share one control panel.

Valuable Features

What I like about HP switches is something called IRF, a form of redundancy that allows many switches to share one control panel.

Improvements to My Organization

Total cost of ownership and consolidation of the switches is very good.

Room for Improvement

I would like to see in future versions their management for IPv6 to be driven more heavily.

Stability Issues

We found some security holes in some of their switches, but overall it's fairly stable.

Scalability Issues

Scalability is related to the consolidation of many switches into one management plan, so we have to hire less administrators to manage it.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I don’t have a lot of direct experience, so I can’t comment.

Previous Solutions

Complicated politics with the government of China. Disney is mostly Cisco, and they wanted to investigate whether to bring in more HP stuff.

Initial Setup

It’s fairly straightforward.

Other Solutions Considered

Cisco and basically all others were on our list. They have a partnership with HP China, so we chose HP.

Other Advice

  • We just needed an alternative vendor to Cisco.
  • It fulfills our needs, but isn’t perfect.
  • Support for open protocol standards, security, and are all important factors to consider.
  • Cisco has huge tech support, and no one matches them right now for routing and switching.
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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