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With premier support, we like that we receive a timely response and have assigned representatives.

Valuable Features

Horizontal scalability & high availability are the most important features that we are looking forward to from the Stash DC. With respect to the premier support, timely response and the fact that we have assigned representatives is great.

Improvements to My Organization

The premier support has helped Cisco in mitigating risk and reducing cost.

Room for Improvement

Will let you know in a couple months. Still in the process of evaluating the product.

Use of Solution

We use Stash Data Center and Premier Support. We have been using it since January 12, 2015.

Deployment Issues

None, so far.

Stability Issues

Testing under progress.

Scalability Issues

In production, we still have the single instance of the product and it has scaled pretty well and no major issues reported thus far.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Very good but I have some feedback with respect to the support.

1) Currently, we have a limitation of 3 resources for interacting with Atlassian support. It would be nice to increase it to 5-10 because we have to internally depend upon identified users to communicate to the Atlassian. Or else, have this support aligned to the Cisco mailer alias so that multiple users within Cisco will be notified and can use the same user name to raise support requests with Atlassian.

Technical Support:

Very good but would be good to have a user interface in to manage the users at our end instead of having to communicate each time to the premier support to manage users.

Previous Solutions

We are still using SVN but we moving toward git because of the flexibility it provides.

Other Solutions Considered

Nope, our engineering wing had done some analysis and they suggested Stash. Hence, we directly jumped in.

Other Advice

If folks out there are looking to move to a more agile approach for development, Agile Jira + Bamboo + Stash DC will definitely be a great way to go since these systems seamlessly integrate with each other. Premier support is definitely recommended.

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