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I like the scalability, uptime and the way that it's versatile.

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Valuable Features

In terms of priority: the scalability, uptime and the way that it's versatile. You can load up multiple different kinds of services at the same time. We have multiple different services going live on a particular platform, concurrently. It happens a lot. It's important for a system to handle that. Then CA's API solution also works with multiple solutions which are provided by CA, like LISA tools and all that. Altogether, it's a very cohesive unit.

Room for Improvement

Some of the things that we see as room of improvement are how do you integrate with other systems out there. Integration with the existing systems and infrastructure, which is not necessarily related. How do you integrate those systems in? Examples could be: how does CA integrate with IBM or existing systems? Lot's of large organizations have existing systems they don't want to replace with other systems. How does CA's systems work with those systems concurrently? Those would be important considerations.

Stability Issues

So far the stability has been really good, we haven't had any problem. I believe we have been using it for sometime. As per the industry standards, it's been quite stable. Personally, I have been involved for almost 2 years but I understand that our organization has been using it for quite some time. We are in a business which sees lots of volume, trillions of volumes of calls. The system that we work with has to handle those trillion number of volumes of calls. All of that also happens in the real time, so the system has to scale up to spikes. Sometimes during holiday season and all that, we see quite a lot of spikes going in. The system has to manage all those spikes and CA has been able to do that.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The technical support has been good. They have dedicated technical support for us, we have dedicated account managers from CA, as well as specialists. It's great to have those kind of partnerships with CA.

Other Advice

I'll definitely give it 8.5. Whether they can put up the solutions that we want, that's number 1. How long they would take, is it going to provide value addition at this point of time or in the future would we have to invest in technology dollars in order to improve that? What is the pricing? What's the scalability? What's the uptime? All those features. It's been very good.

I think CA's API Management technology is in the top 3 in the industry. It depends upon what kind of things you're looking for or what kind of features you're looking for.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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