CA API Management Review
We route all our policies and traffic through the gateway. It's reliable.

Valuable Features

The best features of CA API Management are high quality and high reliability.

Improvements to My Organization

It provides a centralized security mechanism so that we can route all our policies and all our traffic through the gateway.

Room for Improvement

I would like more graphical interfaces for better usability.

Stability Issues

API Management is highly reliable and highly available, so we haven't any problems with it.

Scalability Issues

We haven't had any scalability problems. I don't know how far it can be scaled. We are a mid-sized company.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I would say that the quality of technical support is moderate. It’s better than some, but not as good as others.

Previous Solutions

I don't know if we had a previous solution before going with API Managment. We have a number of CA products. Some of them, we started with the CA product and some of them we started with other products and then switched to CA because of their high availability and high reliability. We are not looking to switch it. It’s nice and stable.

Initial Setup

I was not involved with the initial setup.

Other Advice

Focus on developing a relationship with CA. They have a variety of products and they do a lot of cross selling, so it's important to develop a relationship and figure out how to manage that relationship as you go forward.

When selecting a vendor, the most important element is relationship.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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