Codename One Review

It's better than some of the available mobile app development frameworks such as Xamarin and Nativescript because it gives almost 100% -- if not 100% -- write once run anywhere.

Valuable Features:

We've found the GUI builder to be the most valuable feature for us.

To the best of my knowledge CN1 is better than some of the available mobile app development frameworks such as Xamarin and Nativescript because it gives almost 100% -- if not 100% -- write once run anywhere. Xamarin doesn't have this feature, you must change few things for some specific platforms. Compared with Nativescript, CN1 is better because of the GUI builder.

Furthermore, CN1 is cost efficient compare with Xamarin and Nativescript. Yes, Nativescript is an open source solution, but to test your app requires to be done either through the telerik platform or with a nativescript CLI simulator. Testing through the telerik platfrom is very easy but not free. Testing through a CLI simulator is free but difficult to setup. 

I'm not saying Xamarin and Nativescript are not good framework for mobile app development, please don't misquote me. THEY ARE VERY GOOD. It depends on the ability and interest of the user. 

All the aforementioned points are based on my own personal experience with the three frameworks (CN1, Xamarin, and Nativescript).

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarChidiebere Okwudire
Top 20LeaderboardReal User

I completely agree with your analysis, Munir, w.r.t. Xamarin (I don't have sufficient personal experience with NativeScript to make an accurate judgment). Of course, for anyone in the doubt, the best thing to do is to try CN1 yourself and draw your own conclusions. The completely free subscription level already allows you to build full apps that can be published in the app store.

I'm curious about how CN1 would match up againt Qt. Does anyone have relevant experience for an unbiased comparision of CN1 and Qt?

author avatarSoftware Engineer at MUST

Thank you for your comment Chidi, i'm currently doing a research on cross-platform development tools. I came across Qt but i was not able to explore deeply due to time constraint. But with the little I read about it I think is very good and have some similarities with CN1. I will keep in touch with you as soon as i'm able establish some facts about it.

author avatarChidiebere Okwudire
Top 20LeaderboardReal User

Great! I'm also planning to do an evaluation of Qt sometime later this year. Let's keep in touch and share our findings. Cheers