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The XtremIO cost would be slightly cheaper than the VMAX, and 1/3rd the size.

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I am currently testing my EMC XtremIO PoC system with EMC. One of the great benefits of XtremIO is the Deduplication feature, which at a minimum will be 10:1, so the experts tell me and will be even better in version 3.0. My current Symmetrix VMAX configurations are 250TB and 350TB of tiered SSD, 15KFC and SATA storage for 2 sites. So assuming a 10:1 dedupe ratio, could I replace my two Symmetrix VMAX solutions with two XtremIO systems of 2 X-bricks (with 20TB model)? It almost seems too good to be true! From a price perspective, the XtremIO cost would be slightly cheaper than the VMAX (after the highly combative process of vendor bashing, sorry – negotiation, in my region) and from a space perspective 1/3rd the size (with SAN Fabric). No need to state the obvious about performance.

UPDATE: 10:1 is too good to be true, EMC experts tell me 1.x-2:1 is more realistic for business critical databases. V3.0 will add compression, which will increase space efficiency by a small percentage also. So hold your plans to drop spinning disks from your data center.

The picture below shows my VNX VG8 NAS Gateway with a 3 bay, 2 Engine Symmetrix VMAX 20K on the left (yes, I run entirely with NFSv3 and am 99% virtualised with vSphere 5.5 on Cisco UCS – I built my own vBlock!) and my XtremIO PoC system on the right (with two X-bricks, but can handle four 20TB X-bricks in the same rack). Could this be my new motto? “Spinning disks are a waste of space, flash is packed!”

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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