FlexPod Review

The fact that everything is certified together means we don’t have to do much, although initial setup seems to be complex because we have UCS in place and are adding a NetApp cluster.

Valuable Features

I think the most valuable features are the architecture and the support from Cisco and NetApp. The fact that everything is certified together means we don’t have to do much.

Room for Improvement

At this point, it's doing everything we’ve asked.

Use of Solution

We’re still implementing it.

Stability Issues

It seems to be very stable. We’re kind of early on, just started the integration, but so far so good as it's more stable than our old platform, IBM.

Scalability Issues

We’re a fairly small shop so it will scale beyond what we need for it.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The solution is verified so there is less explaining that needs to be done. Depends on what the issue is, but they will be more versed to handle those questions.

Previous Solutions

Our old platform was IBM.

Initial Setup

The initial setup seems like it will be kind of complex because we have the UCS in place, and are adding a NetApp cluster. It would have been simpler if we were doing a full refresh instead of piecemeal.

Other Advice

It's worth evaluating. Having the certified architecture certainly helps when it comes to design and testing.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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