FlexPod Review

The IMT helps us define versions and components we use in our configurations. However, an upgrade to one vendor component requires upgrading the others.

Valuable Features

I would say that the interoperability matrix tool (IMT) is the most valuable feature as it helps us define versions and components we use in our configurations.

Improvements to My Organization

This allows us to know what versions everything needs to be at, and we have one pane of glass to view that at.

Room for Improvement

I think a little bit about some of the other models, especially in the hyper-converged space where you add storage and compute at the same time, but on the converged side of things you add each as needed and not both.

Stability Issues

Mixed – we’ve had a couple different issues with upgrading. Upgrading one vendor without the other has been difficult, e.g. to upgrade Cisco you need to upgrade NetApp etc.

Scalability Issues

I would say medium – it’s hard to move between one FlexPod to another, you fill one up its hard to move off of it.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Historically it’s been bad, but recently it got better. Previously, opening a FlexPod case was difficult you had to go from one vendor to another, now its better and they are using FlexPod back channels more, but it was difficult.

Initial Setup

I would say setup was complex – most of the people who set up the first FlexPod have left and the upgrades have been modular and there are independent teams with that and that issue goes back to the scalability because were adding storage and compute at different times.

Other Advice

I think it depends on how you are organized. If you have hardware and storage in the same leadership chain its great. I think one of the reasons that we have pain, is that it doesn’t fit our business organization very well because we have two separate managers and therefore, there is stepping on toes.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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