Forescout Platform Review

The NAC engine is flexible since it doesn’t need the use of 802.1x. We use the solution to test or troubleshoot customer configurations.

Valuable Features:

The main feature, the NAC engine, is very flexible since ForeScout CounterACT doesn’t need the use of 802.1x and can work with almost all switch vendors.

Improvements to My Organization:

Since my company is a systems integrator, we have ForeScout CounterACT in our lab just to test or troubleshoot customer configurations.

Room for Improvement:

There isn’t a specific area to improve. It’s a good product from my point of view. Maybe the licensing and cost can be improved.

Deployment Issues:

No issues with deployment.

Stability Issues:

Haven't had issues with stability.

Scalability Issues:

Haven't had to scale it.

Other Advice:

Maybe test the configuration very well before enabling actions (like VLAN moving, Captive Portal), because they can cause many problems in production environments if there are configuration mistakes.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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