Hortonworks Data Platform Review

The Ambari UI is valuable for cluster monitoring, but there are certain features that need tuning, such as the Hue UI.

Valuable Features

From a product standpoint, their Ambari UI is incredibly valuable for cluster monitoring. It simplifies the deployment and maintenance of hosts, and we can provision, configure and test Hadoop services.

Improvements to My Organization

From an overall perspective, Hortonworks support is crucial to our operations.

Room for Improvement

As this is open source, there are certain features that need tuning, such as the Hue UI. More stability on this would be helpful.

Use of Solution

I've used it for one year.

Deployment Issues

As this is all new technology, we face issues at every level. However, hardware support and documentation have been instrumental in helping us resolve the majority of those issues.

Stability Issues

We've had some issues with stability, but hardware support and documentation have helped us resolve most of those.

Scalability Issues

No issues with scalability.

Customer Service and Technical Support

They have outstanding customer support. Their responses are prompt, and they resolve issues quickly.

Previous Solutions

I have not used a solution of this nature before.

Initial Setup

The set up is straightforward enough, but at every level there are many parameters to be tuned. Ensuring all these parameters are set is the complex part, as poorly set parameters can cause unwanted issues.

Implementation Team

We have an in-house team to do implementations. I would advise that all implementations get seen through all the way to having users smoke test applications to ensure correct functionality.

Other Advice

I would suggest that if you are implementing this at an enterprise level, the support is compulsory. Additionally having a high degree of patience is key, as this is open source and road bumps can be frequent when moving at a fast pace.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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