Laravel PHP Framework Review

The PHP framework for web artisans

Love using this framework in my projects. It has a nice ORM(Eloquent) and uses cascading config pattern. It's very organized, uses composer to manage dependencies and is just all around great framework. I have used Laravel to successfully deploy custom CQRS e-commerce shop, a landing page clone based on launchrock and more. I highly recommend it for any custom PHP project. I have built apps n version 3 and version 4, and would recommend using version 4

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarit_user819 (Manager at IDAZCO)

Please specify the version. Now it would be safe to assume version 4, but with subsequent releases this specific review may or may not apply.

author avatarit_user10923 (Developer at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees)

yes, I meant version 4. I updated the review

author avatarit_user10923 (Developer at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees)

If you know C and you are hardcore performance junkie checkout I think of it as a sister project to PHP because it's written in C and so is PHP. At the moment it is not as mature as laravel, but it sure does out perform and allows you to optimize your code(by your classes into C) in the re-factor/performance tuning stage.

author avatarit_user133206 (Program Analyst at a professional training and coaching company)

One of my best framework I've come across. Easy to use, robustness are major pros of the Laravel 4.0.