LastPass Enterprise Review

Dashboard with a security score, along with the Security Challenge, are great features

What is our primary use case?

Primary use case is to manage passwords and synchronize passwords for accounts, between the users that have permission to access those accounts.

How has it helped my organization?

If you have a password manager, there's improvement for the organization, of course. For the users themselves, they're using more complicated passwords; no more having the same password everywhere. And to access the Vault, you need two-factor identification: a master password and the two-factor. And all of this is encrypted. So security has increased. For those who are using it in the organization, it has improved their security for sure.

What is most valuable?

  • Until now, I haven't found anything like the dashboard. It gives you a security score. I find that to be really great.
  • The Sharing Center is really great as well.
  • The Security Challenge is really great too. I like that feature.

What needs improvement?

From a technical standpoint, it's working great. I don't see many issues. One thing I wish LastPass had is an integration with Active Directory, not for synchronizing users but to actually manage, in some way, privileged accounts by replacing the password of LastPass itself.

Also, at the moment, for the whole company, we are going to use software called Passportal. The main reason is the synchronization of the automation of password changes. That is really important. I know LastPass can change them for 75-plus websites if they don't have two-factor identification. If they do have two-factor identification, you cannot change them. In case of an emergency, there's no one-click button to change your password.

For how long have I used the solution?

Three to five years.

What do I think about the stability of the solution?

Until now, I haven't experienced any instability with LastPass. I have used LastPass myself for the last three to five years. For the company, I implemented it about five to six months ago.

What do I think about the scalability of the solution?

I don't think there is an issue with scalability. But if your going on an Enterprise Environment where you would like more Advanced option for an Enterprise Password Management solutions Like for example Automatic Password Import(in Remote Desktop, and other in house Applications) so the users don't have a way to copy the password and see it, Automatic Password Replacement ( For Example in case of Emergency Replace all passwords because of Rogue Engineer  or after an Engineer uses a password for an immediate password replacement, User Session Recording for Administrator when there using an administrator password and allot more. 

How are customer service and technical support?

My only concern up until now is the communication, especially since this is for work. They do respond but sometimes, if you want to get in contact with somebody, it's really difficult when it comes to LastPass.

For example, I started LastPass Enterprise and I tried to contact sales or a contact person. For me to actually get in touch with somebody was really difficult. I even tried to give my name and email and they told me they would get back in contact with me. At first, I thought it may be something with my email domain, that maybe something about LastPass was dropping my emails. Then I started using my live domain email. Even so, I didn't receive any contact. So, my experience with LastPass is that it's a great solution, but when it comes to communication and support, it has been tough.

When it comes to opening a ticket, they do respond within one day. But, for immediate contact, no. It was crazy, especially in the beginning because I was so enthusiastic, I wanted to start right away. I tried for three weeks to a month to contact sales because I had many questions. It got so crazy that for me to actually get in contact with LastPass I even called LogMeIn to see if they could find a way to transfer me to LastPass.

LastPass is a great solution, but, because of the communication, I didn't actually start it as a solution for our enterprise business. That's why it has been only for four to five users.

How was the initial setup?

It was one of the easiest for implementing passwords. You can sync it with Active Directory. There were certain sites that I couldn't sync it with and I needed to input a password manually but it was really straightforward. Their interface is really easy to understand. It's not too difficult.

It took less than one day to get everybody onboard, the five people using it. It was really easy. The only thing they needed to do was import some passwords that they had and change some passwords.

What about the implementation team?

I did it myself.

What's my experience with pricing, setup cost, and licensing?

This is the best Pricing you will get a for Password Management solutions.

Which other solutions did I evaluate?

I have been involved with many password managers. Passportal, Secret Server, CyberArk, and BeyondTrust. I chose LastPass for our organization because of the pricing. The organization didn't want to implement something really expensive. LastPass, for what it's offering, for the price at which it's offering the service, is unbeatable.

The licensing for LastPass is straightforward.

What other advice do I have?

If you're looking for a password management solution that can hold your passwords and share passwords among employees, one that is cloud-based - and even without the internet you can still access passwords - and if you need a solution that that has the best price for the best product, LastPass is the one. But if you're a person who works in IT who wants to put passwords in privileged accounts and manage them with automation and everything that an enterprise password manager is required to do, LastPass is not the solution for you. You have to search for something else.

In our organization, the roles of the LastPass users are just below executive level. Their decisions, and what they do, can influence the company. They manage LastPass themselves. In the Sharing Center is the Shared folder. If somebody is going to change a password, they need permission to do so. In our case, they all have permission to change a password. If a password is changed, it's changed. That's it. I don't really see the need for a person to maintain LastPass.

The two main reasons my company cannot move to LastPass are because of the synchronization issue and the poor communication.

I rate LastPass at eight out of ten. It offers everything you need for a password management solution. The con that makes it less than a ten is the communication with support and sales. Normally, you just contact sales at a company and you can reach them easily, to start gathering information, to talk with them about your plan and, sometimes, to get a demo, based on your plan. I didn't have that with LastPass.

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