Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional Review

Excellent load testing capabilities & reports. Quick visibility focusing in on a problem area is extremely helpful.

The main reason that we decided to implement LoadRunner was because of our serious lack of insight into exactly where flaws were stemming from when a problem arose or how we could fix those problems earlier and more efficiently in the future. When a problem was found, solutions could only be given after the fact, making the losses bigger and causing more damage than necessary. We needed to increase our awareness of the challenges and issues that could come up before they arose, or at least catch the problems faster than we currently were, in order to tackle them properly.

As the company grew and our infrastructure increased, the task of testing and debugging our entire system transformed into a colossal and costly problem. Our service, which includes providing healthcare and insurance services to a wide range of patients and clients, was becoming inefficient as well, making the need for in-house testing of our various software flaws urgent.

LoadRunner seemed to be an obvious solution since it recreates real life scenarios on a virtual plane in order to test the performance rate, speed, efficacy and functionality of the system during those actual situations. In this way, we could easily pinpoint problem areas, bugs and other flaws to the system prior to the real time launch, avoiding tremendous issues from ever arising.

We tried out three different virtual assessment products concurrently. Each of these products was tested in a wide range of areas that were either commonly known to be problem areas or were considered to be of great importance to remain problem-free. Some included:

  • Secure systems
  • Overall system substructure
  • Performance speed and accuracy

The system that came out as superior during the testing was HP LoadRunner, and we purchased the package immediately upon reviewing the results of the trials. This choice was made primarily for the software’s extensive capabilities, though HP’s greater overall presence within the technology field also contributed to the ultimate decision.

Installing LoadRunner was an uncomplicated procedure, needing no third party or outsourced services or tools. The successful implementation of this software led to the acquisition of some 250 licenses from the onset and an additional 1500 in subsequent months.

We proposed a three-year window to view the results and overall ROI of the product. To our surprise, LoadRunner provided positive effects even faster than we would have expected in a real and tangible example as described below:

One of the portals that our company used for selling various insurance packages and products developed major issues. As a result, brokers were losing sales because of the inaccessibility of their services. With the use of HP LoadRunner, the entire issue was simulated, examined and solved within a week of the initial symptoms. The software actually paid for itself within that first month simply due to the efficient manner in which the problem was able to be recreated, analyzed and dealt with.

Other members of the staff also found the product to be more effective and easier to work with due to the alacrity and smooth, automatic functions that were performed. As a result of these faster protocols, team members were able to meet strict deadlines that were otherwise unrealistic prior to theLoadRunner implementation.

The load testing capabilities and efficient performance were rated as the most integral aspects of this software, though the adeptness at getting to the core of the issue was a very close second.

Other features that people found generally helpful were the reports and the quick visibility focusing in on a problem area. Using HP LoadRunner in combination with the SiteScope software from HP has made all of these inevitable mishaps easier to deal with in a timely manner.

Our use of LoadRunner has become a standardized process, a part of our regular routine. The software is repeatedly used to discover the source of a problem when code freezes pop up. What is more, the usage of these tools is not limited to IT techs; everyone from the developers to quality assurance and even management is actively using this software to hone in on the problem areas and solve the issues quickly.

HP LoadRunner has been a gateway into the implementation of other invaluable HP tools such as Application Lifecycle Management products. In general, there has been a vast improvement to the performance and output of the company since the use of this product has been initiated, and everyone has seen positive results in the form of fewer problems, greater visibility and faster response times to issues that will come through. Having a central database for problem solving tools and resources has also contributed to the efficacy of our staff individually and as a team.

**Disclosure: IT Central Station has made contact with the reviewer to validate that the person is a real user. The information in the posting is based upon a vendor-supplied case study, but the reviewer has confirmed the content's accuracy.
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