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Micro Focus LoadRunner Review
LoadRunner is the best for those who need a full blown product, or a diverse range of protocols to be tested


Valuable Features:

The capabilities and flexibility of the Controller, the ability to monitor the systems under test, and the comprehensive results Analysis which saves a great deal of time.

Room for Improvement:

More guidance on the use of the Tru Client protocol which is used for Web interfaces.

Use of Solution:

15 years

Deployment Issues:

LoadRunner generally deploys without issues.

Stability Issues:

Its a complex product and there are usually a few bugs in the point zero releases, it is generally pretty reliable.

Sometimes the controller can crash, this is usually after opening and closing several scenarios without closing the controller. Closing the controller after a couple of scenarios opened will avoid the problem.

Scalability Issues:

Scalability is great, I have personally used LoadRunner with up to 72,000 virtual users, and 35 load generators.

Customer Service:

I don't have recent experience with HPE customer service.

Technical Support:

I don't have recent experience with HPE tech support.

Previous Solutions:

I started performance testing with LoadRunner and I'm still using it. I have used other tools, but its the best all rounder.

Initial Setup:

Initial setup is straightforward as LoadRunner is pretty much standalone and just needs connectivity to the system under test.

Implementation Team:

I generally implement it myself.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

The cost depends greatly on the needs of the testing engagement.

The free community licence (permanent for 50 VUsers) available from Version 12 is very useful. For small tests this is sufficient and there is no licence cost to use it.

The community licence is excellent for training as well, you get full functionality for as long as you like.

Other Solutions Considered:


Other Advice:

Take a good look at your requirements, LoadRunner is the best for those who need a full blown product, or a diverse range of protocols to be tested. However not everyone needs this. There are other products that do parts of what LoadRunner does just as well and cheaper. Because LoadRunner is so widely used, there are many people with LoadRunner experience available, it will be harder to find experience in an alternative tool. There are cheaper and free alternatives, but these generally take longer to set up and use. Often the software licence costs are far less than the professional services cost for a performance testing engagement. The higher cost of a LoadRunner licence will be offset by time saved by using it.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Picture ravi suvvari
Ravi SuvvariReal UserTOP 5POPULAR

I agree Michael. However HP support is an existing known issue.

Like (0)06 March 14
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imran_shReal UserPOPULAR

Hi Michael, What other alternate tools have you used besides LoadRunner?

Like (0)08 April 14
Michael FosterReal UserTOP 5POPULAR

Hi Imran,
I have also used NeoLoad quite a lot but not recently, Rational Performance Tester briefly a few years ago, JMeter for a couple of projects, and I've looked at Silk Performer last year but not used it for any testing. I have also used Performance Centre extensively, but that is just the enterprise version of LoadRunner.

Like (0)08 April 14
Anusuya bhan li?1414331967
Anusuya BhanReal User


I want to know how reliable Worksoft Certify's performance is instead of Load runner for SAP GUI.

Like (0)09 April 14
Utkarsh choudhary li?1414335432

@imran: NeoLoad and AppVance are good tools performance testing

Like (0)09 April 15
Anonymous avatar x30

It is very straightforward and user friendly.

Like (0)23 June 15
Anonymous avatar x30

Select LoadRunner and you will not go wrong. Select any other tool and you will be complaining a lot more for having selected the wrong tool.

Like (0)07 September 17
Anonymous avatar x30

Worksoft Certify does not provide the same accuracy of response time as LoadRunner.

Like (0)07 September 17
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