Nutanix Review

Our IT administrators are more efficient because of the simplicity of the management interface.

Valuable Features

There are many features that catch our attention. The most valuable one is it’s distributed file system with the data protection and storage auto tiering. This feature promise a high redundancy for our data while maintaining the high IOPs for traffic intense applications.

Improvements to My Organization

For the business it saves our rack space and maintenance costs, which is also applicable to most of our customers. The simplicity of the management interface of the product has increased the efficiency of our IT administrators, and given us a better planning direction for our storage and server expansion.

Room for Improvement

The product is quite promising, and is sufficient for daily IT/business operations at the moment.

Use of Solution

We have been using this product for two to three years, since it first launched in Malaysia in 2012.

Deployment Issues

No issues encountered.

Stability Issues

The good thing about Nutanix is that there is zero-downtime for expansion, and the process is just too simple to be believe.

Scalability Issues

Nutanix also supports the dynamic expansion, with which different models can be mixed and matched for future expansion.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I would say their support team is awesome. Nutanix hires a multiple-skill set support engineers, which can solve my issue no matter what system I am using on the box. Also, their respond time is an ace.

Previous Solutions

Previously, we were using traditional servers, and storage products, which are common in the market. This product has no SAN concept, which totally simplified the whole architecture of server storage, and is a big credit to them. It was this that led us to this product.

Initial Setup

I would say that the deployment is quite simple and straightforward. In fact, it was very straightforward, they have their own installation VM which has just a few simple steps to get the whole system up. It took no more than one hour.

Implementation Team

We have done the implementation a lot as we are a vendor. My advice is simple, just following the setup guide will do, there are no hidden steps inside.

Other Advice

I would encourage you to try out this product. I believe you will not regret it because of the stability of the technology, and the other benefits you can get from Nutanix.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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