OptiView XG Review

We use it for key devices to let us know if we lost communication with any of them.

Valuable Features:

We use it for key devices to let us know if we lost communication with any of them. We use it if we get a complaint about slowness or whatever on the network but for the most part, to let us know of problems with communication to like the switches or servers.

Improvements to My Organization:

Right now, we haven't gotten into it as much as we can. We did use it to troubleshoot our VLANs because we were having a problem with the VLANs. That helped quite a bit with displaying our VLANs and the paths things took.

Room for Improvement:

Right now, I can't really add anything. I haven't used it enough. We use it for some troubleshooting, but we're not heavy into using Fluke Networks yet.

Use of Solution:

1 year and a half.

Deployment Issues:

No issues deploying it. They helped us get it initially set up and really had no problems with setting it up.

Stability Issues:

It has been stable. There is the app mobile piece of it, which I will have to call to maybe get working. I'm not sure whether it's our firewall blocking it. I haven't been able to really get the mobile app to function right, but that's minor.

Scalability Issues:

I think we will be using it more and more as our infrastructure starts growing.

Previous Solutions:

As I said, we had an older Fluke Networks unit in here before and this was really an upgrade. It's a trade up that we did from that work group analyzer.

Initial Setup:



My opinion is yes, we have seen an ROI. For me, just resolving our one VLAN problem really makes it worth it.

Other Advice:

I'd give it an 8 because there's little things that we've used it for. I can see it being used for a lot more and I can't rate on anything that I haven't tried, but for the pieces that we have used it for, it has been very accurate and truthful.

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