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OptiView XG Review
We use it to troubleshoot servers and applications. It supports 10 GigE.

Valuable Features

The 10 GigE connectivity and ClearSight are the most valuable features for us.

Improvements to My Organization

It helps us with troubleshooting. For example, we have a lot of 10 GigE connectivity in our data centers, so we can inject it into the switches, scan the ports and it enables us to capture that data.

Room for Improvement

It's bulky; it's a big tablet. The physical dimensions need to change a little bit; it needs to be more portable. It needs to be like an iPad. Right now, it’s like carrying around an iPad with three inches of bulk underneath it.

The software's all right, but I don't know how you upgrade it to Windows 10. That's the only downside; it comes with Windows 7 preloaded.

Use of Solution

I have used it for probably four years.

Stability Issues

I haven't seen any stability issues; the application's pretty stable so far.

Scalability Issues

The data center supports three to five hundred users. We're using it for the servers and applications. A user might call and report problems; then, we'd go into the data center and try to isolate it. For example, if you call and say, "Hey, we have problems with the SharePoint application," I'm going to say, "What are the problems?" You might say, "Hey, we have connectivity issues or dropouts." I go in there and I scan the port, I connect the OptiView up to it, send all that data to OptiView and analyze it. Another example is, say someone has a connectivity issue in the data center. They might say, "Hey, we're having issues; the 10 GigE connections are not coming up." I'll take the OptiView in there and make sure that 10 GigE connection is coming up, make sure I get an IP address and so on.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I have never asked for technical support. I actually went to a training class on it. I know how to use it, so I haven’t needed technical support.

Previous Solutions

We previously used the Fluke Networks EtherScope. We switched to the newer version because it didn't support 10 GigE. The biggest thing is support for 10 GigE connectivity, and the ClearSight software.

Initial Setup

Initial setup was straightforward. If you've used the tools before, you should be able to use this just as well. If you use any of the Fluke Networks tools, you should be able to use this as well.

Other Solutions Considered

We were using Fluke Etherscopes, so we just kind of evaluated what they offered with that product. We didn't bring in any other vendors.

Other Advice

I was told that they have something called TruView; I would look into buying TruView as a package with it.

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Win10 for our current customers will be coming soon! You can find more on the OptiView v14 release notes.

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