OptiView XG Review
The packet capture feature is valuable when there's a troubleshooting issue.

Valuable Features

The packet capture feature is valuable when there's a troubleshooting issue. Since this is a data center, there are thousands of servers/users.

Improvements to My Organization

When there is a performance issue, we do the sniffer capture on the OptiView XG, and then we analyze the captures. If it helps to determine what the problem is, then it improves the server or application performance.

Room for Improvement

The licensing cost needs to improve since it is very expensive, especially the licensing and maintenance costs.

We used to cover the maintenance, but it's too expensive, so we no longer pay on a yearly basis for the maintenance anymore.

This product is also too bulky.

Use of Solution

I have been using this solution for around four years.

Stability Issues

When we first got the second one, there was an issue with the power cable, i.e., when we plugged the power cable into the unit, even if you moved it a little bit, it would turn off. Then we sent it in and it seems a little bit more stable now than it was before. This was a while ago, so it's been fixed.

Scalability Issues

It has not crashed; there were no scalability issues.

Customer Service and Technical Support

When I had the power issue mentioned elsewhere, I contacted them to get it fixed; they sent me a temporary one while they were trying to fix it. So, it was pretty good. I would probably give them a 10/10.

Previous Solutions

The new OptiView XGs were purchased because the data center has all 10-gigabit fiber; so that's why we had to purchase that.

Initial Setup

The setup was pretty straightforward.

Other Advice

Just test it out. We've always used a Fluke (now NETSCOUT), so I can't really compare it to anything else.

The maintenance cost is obviously too expensive, so our management is not going to approve that type of maintenance cost on a yearly basis.

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