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SiteLock Review
It's not easy to get out once you're in

Valuable Features

It seems to provide a bit of useful information on website health.

Improvements to My Organization

Not available.

Room for Improvement

Sitelock may perform a useful service, but be wary of giving them your credit card information.

When you sign on for the paid service, Sitelock:

  1. Hides (makes it difficult to find) that they default the auto-renew (you can't sign up without agreeing to have them automatically bill your credit card every year).
  2. Hides (makes it difficult to find) how to stop auto-renew:
  • You can't just stop auto-renew from your billing panel, the way you can with reputable businesses.
  • You have to hunt their website for a link (in extremely small font) to the page which contains instructions for cancelling.
  • When you get to that page, turns out it's the 5000+ word "Terms of Service" document, which you have to scour to find a phone number. Then, you have to call and get put on hold (or if you like, they will call you back three days later). Once you finally get through, you have to jump through a lot of security hoops.

All of the above, just to cancel the service.

Their product may or may not be OK, but be forewarned that with Sitelock, it's not easy to get out once you're in.

Use of Solution

Three years: the last one involuntary.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Adequate buy, but very pushy when it comes to upselling.

Technical Support:


Previous Solutions

Now, I am using Wordfence, which is free.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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