SolarWinds Security Event Manager Review

We selected SolarWinds for 24/7 monitoring, forensic trail of unauthorized activity and security at the endpoint.

We needed a solution that could monitor and respond to all of our network and user activity, down to each endpoint, while providing auditors with granular and customizable reports and ensuring forensic traceability in the event of a breach or policy violation.

We stumbled upon a couple of challenges known to other small to mid-sized enterprises:

  1. Outsourced log management was too expensive and incredibly risky. Our network data is too valuable to share with another company. Our members trust us to keep all sensitive data in house.
  2. Enterprise-grade SIEM solutions are priced for large companies and thus stretched well beyond our IT budget. Additionally, all that money didn’t buy real-time analysis and blocking capabilities, which were the most important proactive defense to stop emerging attacks. Enterprise tools watch, aggregate data, and report, but they don’t take action. We needed more advanced solutions to provide comprehensive network management capabilities in real time.

We selected SolarWinds LEM for four specific reasons:

  1. Right-sized for smaller budgets: The solution’s architecture and pricing are tailored to smaller companies. The appliance-based technology is plug-and-play, meaning that implementation takes hours, not weeks or months. And the cost starts at $20,000 – a fraction of competitors’ prices.
  2. 24/7 monitoring: SolarWinds LEM monitors all network activity – even when no one is watching – and stops policy violations and network and data breaches in real time, notifying network administrators of threats instantly via email, pager, and/or cell phone. I’ll even know if the cleaning crew or security guard is trying to log on after hours.
  3. Outing the insider: SolarWinds LEM provides a forensic trail of user activities. It identifies insider policy breaches instantly – including unauthorized USB flash drive insertions and downloads – and stops violators in their tracks while notifying network managers.
  4. Security at the end point: SolarWinds LEM’s solution controls policies from servers to endpoints, giving us the ability to shut down any system or user group across our seven branches in the event of threat detection. This granular control prevents fast-moving worms from spreading, quarantining at-risk systems before they can compromise member data.

With SolarWinds LEM, we’re exposing potential threats and preventing them from damaging our business. In one case, SolarWinds LEM instantly red-flagged multiple, simultaneous log-on failures. We examined the attempted user names, passwords, and incoming IP addresses, and quickly recognized that a bot was attempting to hack into our network. With the evidence provided by SolarWinds LEM, we contacted the hacker’s Internet service provider and shut them down.

SolarWinds LEM is a natural extension of our network. In reality, we consider the SolarWinds LEM appliance to be our fourth IT employee.

**Disclosure: IT Central Station has made contact with the reviewer to validate that the person is a real user. The information in the posting is based upon a vendor-supplied case study, but the reviewer has confirmed the content's accuracy.
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I believe SolarWind LEM is open source. Is there any limit of servers we can use it as a free version?

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LEM is not open source, it is a commercial product licensed by nodes. There is a free trial you can download at