SonarQube Review

It supports over 20 programming languages and allows me to create custom coding rules.

Valuable Features

  • Languages Support - over 20 programming languages
  • Pre-commit check directly into Eclipse
  • Issues Report into PreviewMode
  • Custom coding rules
  • Unit tests
  • Duplication and code duplication check
  • Custom-defined checks

Improvements to My Organization

I have fallen in love with SonarQube when I could've easily built custom rules checks. However, doing that manually checking takes tons of time.

Room for Improvement

  • Explicit checks for issues
  • Severity tab tweaks
  • Optimization into the Settings, such as adding new features/customization

Use of Solution

I've used it for almost two years, starting with v4.3.3.

Deployment Issues

Predefined rules/overriding rules caused some issues.

Customer Service and Technical Support


Previous Solutions

  • Squale
  • Panopticode
  • CodePro AnalytiX

Initial Setup

It was straightforward to install and setup, but complex to adapt to and learn.

Implementation Team

We used a vendor team.

Other Solutions Considered

I did not evaluated other options.

Other Advice

I would advise you to think a lot before acting.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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