VidyoConferencing Review

Affordable Video conferencing - both for deployment as well as telecommunication requirements. Has room to improve.

Valuable Features

Affordable Video conferencing - both for deployment side of things as well as telecommunication requirements (does not require a high end Internet connection to function).

Improvements to My Organization

3 common examples:

  • Client has a number of key remote sites and now instead of sending staff between those sites, a lot more work can be done using the video conferencing solution
  • Client deals with a number of external contacts/vendors and now can effectively meet with them without the need to travel
  • Client is a mobile based workforce and can now interact visually while on the road

Room for Improvement

  • As a partner, I don't have direct access to Vidyo support document resourses. I have to go via a Vendor.
  • Also the screen sharing functionality could be improved.

Use of Solution

18 months

Deployment Issues

No, deployment of the system is very easy. Maybe the only challenge is translating the firewall requirements.

Stability Issues

None encountered.

Scalability Issues

I haven't deployed a large scale deployment. In theory its very possible.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:


Technical Support:

I can't comment as I have to go via a Vendor so the tech support is not a one-to-one experience.

Previous Solutions

No previous solution used.

Initial Setup

The only complexity is upgrading to the latest anchor release. Generally speaking if the unit is new there are minimal upgrades as they come pre-installed on the anchor version of the software.

Implementation Team

Vendor and they know the product


I think for the companies with remote offices, they will experience a serious saving on travel costs. For companies with remote workforce, they will experience a increase in teamwork effectiveness.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

There is licensing cost and there is maintenance cost. Both compared to buying more servers are negligible.

Other Advice

If you are setting up a meeting room, research and read up on lighting requirements. Vidyo have some good general guides in the VidyoRoom Admin documentations but if you are talking to resellers of the product they should know about this and doing this as a value add.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: Partner
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