XebiaLabs XL Deploy Review

The GUI deserves some improvements but it still enables me to speed up the delivery process

Valuable Features

You can follow the delivering process of deployment. When an error occurs, you know which step is involved. Error messages are sometimes not enough clear to solve the issue. But if you work with a sand box environment before using your real environment, it should be ok.

The main quality is still to have a "One Click" process, then you save precious time.

Improvements to My Organization

Unlike other colleagues, I'm able to speed up the delivering process. I use DeployIT with WebLogic and Tomcat servers. Everything is fine set up just in two minutes. Even in 2014, we can easily find people who copy manually their own packages directly to production environment! It's completely incredible.

Room for Improvement

The GUI deserves some improvements. Adding new dictionary values may be laborious but hopefully, the frequency of this action is low.

The Flash user interface which has some bugs (I heard an HTML 5 version is in progress).

Use of Solution

Just several weeks. It corresponds to the required time to start from scratch and have a full process to deliver your packages in production. I work only on Java projects with Maven.

Deployment Issues

When you start to use a new product (whatever the product is), you have to understand subtleties, read the documentation and test by yourself. Nobody is perfect.
Two main issues I get:

  1. The Maven dependency 3.9.1 is bugged for DAR packaging. Sending DARs into the DeployIT server with this version is hazardous. Upgrading the version to 3.9.4 solved the problem.
  2. You can have false-positives steps during your deployment. For example, the step which stop the WebLogic server is green, but when you click into details, you see a stack trace error. So, you don't have to be too trustful with the software.

Scalability Issues

In cluster mode with WebLogic server, nodes are not properly restarted each time you run your DeployIT process. Working with an administrator is highly recommended.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Never used.

Technical Support:

Never used.

Previous Solutions

I'm working in a huge bank. DeloytIT is a standard. Previously, I worked with Jenkins and plug-ins. But it was some years ago.

Initial Setup

Neither simple, nor complex. If you can work with someone who did it previously, it would be great. Then you will work with good methods. Once you get the concept, you speed up your deployments.

Implementation Team

A specific in-house team is present where I work. It's not a huge team, but has skilled people. They use DeployIT almost every day.


It's difficult enough to talk about it because I'm never involved in this, but it's very short.

Other Solutions Considered

DeployIT is a group solution. Personally, I would like to test others software like Thougthworks GO.

Other Advice

Set up a secured server with separate profiles. It sounds obvious, but by this way you have a segregation between business teams. Having four environments is recommended: sand box, development, pre-production and production. Sand box is used to test unitary your DAR package. When it's done, you can use a unique project to assemble all the others DARs.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer:
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Great feedback, thanks! We are always looking to hear candid feedback in order to continue improving our products.

19 February 16
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