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Jun 30 2017

What is most valuable?

The benefits are that it allows us to have real-time risk analysis on authentication traffic, so we can determine whether or not it's suspicious. How suspicious is it? If it's suspicious, we can enable step-up authentication and challenge for some additional credentials, or we can block the authentication attempt completely. If it's a known good customer, we can... more»

How has it helped my organization?

It gives us the ability to deny authentications for known malicious traffic. We have a webmail platform that people are constantly trying to hack into. Mostly, a large number of it comes from known bad IP addresses or unknown foreign countries which you can determine are bad or blacklisted. We can do that on the fly.


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What is CA Risk Authentication?

CA Risk Authentication is a powerful risk-based, adaptive authentication solution that works in real time to evaluate context, calculate a risk score, recommend actions and provide alerts/case management. It has a strong set of prebuilt rules to detect risk and an easy-to-use risk management console to adjust parameters or create new rules. The risk engine examines many factors including device identification, geolocation, IP address and user activity to evaluate risk. The calculated risk score is then fed into your policies to decide whether to authorize the current activity, request step-up authentication and/or send an alert or block the activity. This provides your organization with a transparent layer of protection against identity theft, data breaches and fraud. CA Risk Authentication can be used to reduce fraud and protect users from Internet attacks whether they are shopping online or accessing confidential or private information via a Web portal or application. It also provides organizations the ability to enforce different levels of authentication depending on the user activity, transaction value and the calculated risk score.

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CA RiskMinder
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