CA Verify Automated Regression Testing Overview

What is CA Verify Automated Regression Testing?

It enables you to automate regression testing as well as other CICS® application tests including stress, concurrency, migration, unit and integration.

CA Verify for VTAM puts new or modified code through its paces to help ensure that your online z/OS® applications function correctly in both test and production environments. And to reduce the demands on your system, CA Verify for VTAM simulates production environments and can generate random production-like test data.

This mainframe solution can help you streamline the testing of major system and infrastructure changes, such as z/OS or IBM® VTAM® Transaction Server upgrades and maintenance. CA Verify for VTAM enables you to proceed to production with confidence by helping you:

Reduce the costs associated with production errors and system downtime.
Work more efficiently by using consuming fewer system resources.

CA Verify Automated Regression Testing is also known as CA Verify, CA Verify for CICS, CA Verify for VTAM, CA Verify Automated Regression Testing for CICS, CA Verify Automated Regression Testing for VTAM.

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IHS Markit, ICICI Lombard, AusNet, Autotrader, Intergrupo
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