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Jun 07 2016

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Valuable Features: The backup utility tools such as pg_restore and pg_dump are really convenient and efficient tools to handle backup and recovery. • Improvements to My Organization: We have deployed the database to support our tax management system.  • Room for Improvement: It suffers issues ranging from data corruption to failing to delete temporary files which then necessitate us having to perform server restarts. • Deployment Issues: We have had no issues with the deployment. • Stability Issues: The database has had stability issues. • Scalability Issues: The database has been able to support about three million taxpayers. • Initial Setup: It's very easy and straightforward to deploy. • Other Advice: I would encourage any organization to adopt...


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EDB Postgres Advanced Server is EDB’s enhanced Postgres database designed to meet the needs of the digital enterprise. EDB Advanced Server incorporates all of PostgreSQL’s features with additional enterprise-class functionality for enhanced performance and security requirements for enterprise workloads. EDB Advanced Server features improve DBA and developer productivity. Oracle users benefit from EDB Advanced Server’s native database compatibility with Oracle, including PL/SQL, built-in packages, and many DBA tools to accelerate and simplify migrations.

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