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What is Open Source Databases?

IT Central Station users agreed that functionality is of utmost importance to a quality Open Source Database (OSD). The specifications will change depending on the task you are trying to accomplish, but any Open Source Database needs to be solidly functional or there is nothing to work with. On an individual basis, scalability, metrics, and security are important features to look for. Users were clear that the efficiency of the medium which will connect the OSD with the application running it is also an essential component. Speed accuracy was also mentioned by a few members as one of the key features to consider when choosing an OSD.

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IT Consultant, Business Owner, Lecturer
Dr Ioannis Syrigos is a Computer and Electrical Engineer, an Entrepreneur, co-owner and Managing Director of Stella Novus LTD, an IT consulting company running several individual online projects (,,, and... more>>
Project Manager
Hi, I am working as Linux Admin with a MNC. My expertise are messaging with all platforms including Microsoft Exchange, Open Source Postfix, McAfee IronMail and IBM Lotus Domino. :)
Data Scientist / Consultant
Technically astute, self motivated, highly organized, process&detail focused, results driven and hands-on Physics Ph.D. with excellent research, critical thinking, problem solving, cross-functional team support, and oral & written communication skills. Definitive strengths include the... more>>
TOP 10
Technology Architect
Expertise in designing & developing solutions in Greenplum which is a distributed and massively parallel processing (MPP) database engine. Expertise in performance tuning Greenplum design for extracting best performance leveraging MPP capabilities. Expertise in data modelling (Conceptual,... more>>
Software Architect and Senior Technology Consultant
Soy un profesional con amplia experiencia en el rubro de Tecnologías de la Información. Empresario, emprendedor, investigador, consultor y asesor especializado. Tengo experiencia gestionando equipos de proyectos multidisciplinarios y procesos de mejora continua en empresas. He liderado proyectos... more>>
TOP 20
Founder and Business Intelligence Consultant
Working with Business Intelligence since 2009. Always learning new concepts and studying new ideas to offer better services to my customers. Expertise in Open Source B.I. Solutions (Pentaho). Attended the course Dimensional Modelling in Depth with Ralph Kimball (Stockholm - Sweden).
Senior Database DevOps Engineer
It's awesome that you've decided to take the time to view my profile! Thank you! So you'd like to know more about me? I'm a senior GNU/Linux systems administrator and PostgreSQL DBA. Most of my skills are now called "DevOps"​ but I have a pretty distinctive view on this hype, you can learn... more>>
Senior Consultant / Manager Technical Operations
As an IT professional, with over twelve year’s of experience, I have specialised my skills in the area of relational database management and IT Management. As CIO and Sybase , Oracle and MS-SQL Server DBA (Database Administrator). I have worked on a number of projects, mainly focused in the... more>>
Senior Production Support Engineer
Systems Engineer with experience in the areas of Development, Banking, Health, eCommerce and Custom Development, with an attitude of service, leadership and great relationships. Management personnel, resources, monitoring schedules and budgets, knowledge in CMMI and PSP. Ease of expression and... more>>

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