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Feb 12 2017

What is most valuable?

As a service provider and integrator of UPS systems, we appreciate the architecture of the Gamatronic modular approach. Investment in parts inventory is low based on common use of the UPS modules. Support has been great from the manufacturer.... more»

How has it helped my organization?

Gamatronic allows Tru-Power to provide support and services on their equipment independently, which is critical when time is of the essence. We are able to support our customers that utilize Gamatronic UPS systems more effectively since we... more»

What needs improvement?

I have not really come up with much to improve. I expect that the company will further engineer future systems with more features and sizes.


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What is Gamatronic Mega Power+?

Gamatronic Mega Power+ solutions, Modular and advanced, are the choice for Local Area Networks, Servers, Data Centers, Point of Sale Applications, Telecom Facilities, Medical Equipment and Industrial PLCs. MEGA POWER+ features a unique and proprietary controller, which is the user's main interface with the MEGA POWER+. The controller features a colored, touch-sensitive screen which enables the user to navigate through the system screens by pressing various icons. Multilanguage functions allow simple usage. The controller is not a failure point and UPS operation is not interrupted if the controller is removed. Its interface offers up-to-the-minute, intelligent monitoring of all UPS parameters, including intelligent battery monitoring functionality, system voltage, temperature etc. Each system element has its own control and history log. Built in SNMP/TCIP provides complete control over unit's operation without installing software or using dedicated computers or control hardware. MEGA POWER+ ensures future growth in load increase with a wide power capacity range: from 25 to 500 kVA / 500 kW and delivers very low MTTR (Mean Time To Repair).
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Mega Power+
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University of Wisconsin, Social Security of Panama, Norland UK, The PeopleĀs Bank of China, Newfoundland Canada, Alticom, Aga Khan University Hospital, Costa Rican Institute of Electricity, GE Healthcare, Fabrinet Thailand, Longjiang Bank Corporation, SatLink, EcoBank, Retalix, ExxonMobile, Druzhba Arena Ukraine, Dhiraagu Maldives
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