Group-IB Digital Risk Protection Overview

What is Group-IB Digital Risk Protection?

Artificial intelligence that manages your risk exposure The Digital Risk Protection platform uses advanced technologies to detect any illegitimate use of your logos, trademarks, content, and design layouts across the digital surface.

Pricing Advice

What users are saying about Group-IB Digital Risk Protection pricing:
  • "At the moment, its pricing is very reasonable for the whole work that Group-IB is doing for the banks. We can easily calculate the return on investment based on that pricing because the number of resources that need to be taken down would reach up to thousands within months. Its pricing is very reasonable for this kind of work. There is no hidden fee. It is subscription-based. There are different packages that are based on a limited or unlimited number of takedowns. It is very simple with no hidden fees."

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Broad protection, good stability, fast support, and reasonable pricing

What is our primary use case?

We help customers in combatting the scams and contrasting done by using their brand images in the digital world, namely social media websites, mobile applications, and instant messengers.

Pros and Cons

  • "It provides the broadest protection covering websites, marketplace, advertising, and social media, which includes Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. They also offer mobile application monitoring and enforcement not only in the Google Play store but also in the Apple store. They can monitor and enforce the distribution of mobile applications, any kind of app website such as Android, and a lot of other custom stuff. To be able to customize and specify the platforms that need to be monitored and enforced is something that our clients find most valuable."
  • "It is in the early stage of innovation, but it has been developing constantly in a major fashion. The room for improvements for this kind of solution is basically in terms of mapping between multiple resources. For example, if a fraudster or scammer is using Instagram to track potential customers of an organization, he might also use fraudulent resources of a website, mobile application, or instant messenger as a part of an elaborate scheme. Group-IB is working on mapping such related fraud resources so that they can see the whole pattern and then track the fraudster or scammer conducting the scheme. They could also improve the Risk Scoring Engine. Whenever any resource comes up in the monitoring section, there is an engine to score whether it is a high risk, low risk, or no risk, or whether it is legal for the customer. This part could be improved because different channels require different mechanisms for scoring the risk. On the website, it can score a risk easily, but for social media and instant messenger, some things need to be adjusted. It is not similar to monitoring a website."

What other advice do I have?

I would suggest having good management of your branding on social media. Very often, customers do not have a specific policy in order to manage their official branding on social media. Such a policy will definitely help in the enforcement of the brand or intellectual property in the digital world because you will have a baseline of what is whitelisted, what is not allowed, and what brands could not be considered legal at any point. It is very important to have the marketing department involved in this because they essentially manage the official branding in the digital world, be it social…